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Regular Client Service

Continued Cleaning Service Details

You can customize the amount of hours needed based on your cleaning priorities and budget. You can choose as little as 2 man hours per visit or as many as needed to clean the entire residence.  Many regular clients customize their cleaning rather than spending extra on areas of the house that don’t need attention.


  • $40/Man Hour  –  Monthly
  • $35/Man Hour  –  Bi-Weekly **Most Popular**
  • $30/Man Hour  –  Weekly


  • 10% Off when you Enroll in the Invoice Program and Bill Pay (contact us for details)
  • No down payment required and you can discontinue service at anytime 
  • Additional 5% Discount for 65+, State Employees, Disabled and Military
  • Client Appreciation Discount Program – $22 per hour
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Prioritize, Customize or Change your service at any time
  • We have strict evaluations of our cleaners on a weekly basis.  At times, you will have the added benefit of a 3rd cleaner who evaluates and cleans at no extra expense to you! This ensures  you receive top notch quality service at every appointment.
  • 10% discount off Move In/Move Out cleaning rates. Please contact the office at 916-628-7433 for current move in/out rates.

How Do I Determine How many Man Hours I need?

To help determine how many hours you need, here are some quick tools to help or just give us a call at 916-628-7433 or email info@hlcservice.com

  • 300-400 sq ft per man hour
  • 30 -60 mins for kitchen or bathrooms
  • 15 – 30 mins for bedrooms/offices
  • 30-45 mins for living / dining / family rooms

*These are general estimates for average residences.  How often you have your residence cleaned, if its completed professionally, how many people occupy the residence, age of the residence and if you have pets are all significant variables to determine the length of service required.

Cancellation Policy for Regular Clients

  • $50 cancellation fee with less than a 72 hr notice
  • If you cancel, we will work as hard as we can to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible but we will most likely not be able to accommodate you until your next scheduled cleaning due to limited schedule availability
  • One time waiver of fee in case of emergency
  • Frequent/Multiple cancellations may result in termination of continued service
    • Note:  While we understand there are emergencies, short notice cancellations have a major impact on the condition of your residence, the cleaner’s livelihood and prevents other clients’ the opportunity to experience our cleaning service.  This guideline helps ensure top notch quality service for all of our clients and to protect our cleaners. Thank you for understanding and for your continued service.
    • If there are successive cancellations, your rate will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you are a bi-weekly client and cancel and we’re not able to reschedule, your bi-weekly rate will be adjusted to the monthly rate for your next cleaning. It will go back to the bi-weekly rate once you get back on a bi-weekly schedule.
  • Holiday Scheduling
  • If your service falls on a major holiday (Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day), we will coordinate with you 2-4 weeks in advance to reschedule. If we are unable to reschedule with a time that works for you, we may have to skip that cleaning and continue two weeks later at your normal scheduled time.


  • Broken, Damaged or Missing Property
  • Our cleaners are professional and work to eliminate or minimize damage to property. We take property damage claims extremely serious as it is reflected in the cleaners performance reports and can negatively impact their pay so they have every incentive to do their best and be careful. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and the cleaners will notify management and also the client immediately if they damage anything.  We ask you to contact us within 24 hrs of a damage claim so we can take care of it or start an investigation as soon as possible.


  • Missing Property is an even more serious offense and can result in criminal prosecution and immediate termination. Please be confident when reporting missing property and be ready to file a police report. We have a zero tolerance policy for theft related incidents. Contact us within 24 hrs if you suspect theft had occurred.


Client Appreciation Discount Program

An added benefit of being a regular client is the opportunity to purchase additional hours on top of your current contract at the discounted rate of only $22 per hour. 

  • If there is time available to add on to your scheduled service, you can use it then or use them during an off week.  Please contact the office to schedule additional hours.
  • Must use all hours for one visit and you can purchase as many hours as needed.
  • This is great for Spring Cleaning, Birthdays, Parties  and Holidays.
  • You can use the additional hours once every 3 months to supplement your current service to save money and make the service more affordable.
  • NOTE: This program DOES NOT INCLUDE MOVE OUT cleaning rates

When you become a regular client, you can purchase extra hours once every 3 months and can be used anytime during those 3 months. Here are the timelines for 2016.

  • Jan 1, 2016 through Mar 31, 2016
  • Apr 1, 2016 through Jun 30, 2016
  • Jul 1, 2016 through Sep 30, 2016
  • Oct 1, 2016 through Dec 31, 2016
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